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A Community-led Process

Clearbrook-Gonvick School District formed a steering planning committee comprised of community members including business leaders, students, teachers, parents, non-licensed staff and school administrators. Additionally, an executive committee was formed comprised of board members and school administrators.

The purpose of the committees was to get the community engaged in a valuable discussion regarding the facility needs in the district, with the direct task to provide long-term planning direction and input for the administration and the Board of Education’s consideration. The committee offered an opportunity to share data and facts relating to how the facilities are being used. The committee reviewed the district’s educational facilities, their utilization, enrollment trends and developed, for consideration by the Board of Education, a recommendation for changes and modifications necessary to ensure the district’s ongoing operating efficiency.

Top Priorities Identified by the Community-led Task Force: Health, Safety and Security. Dedicated learning Spaces. Repair Building Systems. Additional Phy Ed/ Gym space

Outline of the Process

Data Analysis

Data about building conditions, educational adequacy and program needs was gathered and analyzed.

Community-led Task Force

A community-led task force comprised of students, families, staff and business leaders was formed.

Options Developed

Architecture firm ATSR modeled options to be evaluated by the community-led task force.

Recommendation to School Board

The community-led task force made a final recommendation of projects to the School Board.

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