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The $28,370,000 investment will provide:

Improved Health, Safety and Security

Health, Safety and Security

  • Remodel main entrance to address safety and security
  • Addition of several single-user toilets for students and staff
  • Addition of secure changing rooms for officials and coaching staff
  • Designated changing areas for visiting teams
  • Expand cafeteria to move lunch tables out of the hallway corridor
  • Addition of a second cross corridor to reduce congestion during passing time

Building Systems

  • Roof Replacement
  • Replacement of damaged doors and hardware throughout building
  • Replacement of buckled flooring
Repairs and improvements to building systems
Improved and Expanded Learning Environments

Learning Environments

  • Small group spaces for one-on-one learning
  • Right-sizing and modernizing the Media Center
  • Dedicated Special Education classrooms and consolidated SPED services
  • New SPED space allows FACS room to be used for intended purpose
  • Storage rooms and expansion of the staff workroom
  • Remodeling areas of the Elementary school to accomodate additional toilets and small group rooms
  • Acoustical upgrades to Commons and stage spaces

Phy. Ed / Indoor Recess

  • Replace small gym with two-station gym for Phy. Ed and capacity for Indoor Recess; creates more space for extracurricular and community events
  • Convert small gym to a larger fitness room, two additional Health/ Phy. Ed. classrooms and storage space
Additional Space for Pay. Ed., Health and Indoor Recess.
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